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UNDER CONTROL - Greta's Bakery

Under Control' is an album full of different influences and vibes, from jazz to funk with a touch of pop and soul music. Coming from jazz singer/composer Greta Panettieri and pianist/composer/producer Andrea Sammartino have written every song with the idea of making an interesting but suitable for all record.

All songs have very strong personalities also thanks the the wide arrangements the use of some vintage sounds and analog synths making it all fascinating and rich. Song to song the listener is taken more and more in the music where singer Greta Panettieri reveals a wide range vocally and stylistically. Worthy of notice a very poetic version of Michael Jackson's song 'I just can't stop loving you'.


Ogni brano ha una forte personalità anche grazie ad arrangiamenti originali e all’utilizzo di alcuni strumenti ‘vintage’ molto caratterizzanti. L’ascoltatore si trova immerso in una fitta tela musicale in cui la voce di Greta gioca il ruolo di filo conduttore, dimostrando tutta la sua versatilità. Contenuta nell’album ‘Under  Control’ vi è anche una poetica versione della canzone di Michael  Jackson  'I  Just  Can't Stop Loving  You'.

Greta's Bakery new album is full with collaborations, famous arranger Larry Williams  (Michael Jackson, John Mayer, Al Jarreau and many others). Larry supervised the entire project with Andrea Sammartino and played a wonderful tenor solo on the song 'My Angel'.

We also notice the presence of Curtis King Jr. who sung a beautiful duet with Greta on the opening track of the album 'Lover'.

Among the italian guests Gegè Telesforo featured on drums (Under Control e Tell Me Why), but we'd also like to mention: Daniele Mencarelli, Stefano Tamborrino, Piero Masciarelli, Nicola Costa, Marco Acquarelli, Armando Sciommeri, Neney Santos, Pierluca Taranta, Fabio Capone, Paolo Innarella, Giorgio Granieri, Michele Tremamunno, Andrea Rellini, Joele e Lara Micelli.