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NON GIOCO PIU' - Italian 60's in Jazz

Non Gioco Più’ is a record that brings together two different worlds: the smoky and tumultuous world of Jazz and the comfortable soothing world of the Italian 60ies with its songs and famous saturday night shows that used to bring together family and friends. Some of those songs are still vibrant in the memory of so many Italians,written by famous composers as such as Ennio Morricone, Bruno Canfora, Gianni Ferrio  for  some great singers as such as Mina, are the main source of inspiration for this new album by Greta Panettieri. Greta realized this album with her great friends and companions  Andrea Sammartino, Armando Sciommeri, Giuseppe Bassi  and with some amazing special guests, Alfonso Deidda, Gaetano Partipilo e Fabrizio Bosso. 

An old school record, tracked all together to get that magic energy  that only live music has." I wanted to make a record that resembled me." Says Greta."I lived overseas for some time, I love jazz and I am an improviser, not in a traditional way , but I also learned that melodies and lyrics are the core of any song so once you can bring those elements together  you will get some really  exiting and emotional music."