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out October 22nd Greta Panettieri's new album

Coming in October "Shattered/Sgretolata" is the fifth album by eclectic and prolific singer/composer Greta Panettieri.
Made almost entirely of original songs, composed alongside pianist/producer Andrea Sammartino, this  album is a 360 degree picture of Greta Panettieri's eclectic musical persona and her virtuoso artistic journey; a unique journey that cannot be defined by genre or style.

"I've always called myself a jazz singer ... but not really.
 I improvise, but I don't exactly scat. I like soul music and R & B but I don't sing melismas. I like mainstream melodies but I'm not a pop singer. Who am I then?
 I am what I sing. I sing what I like, the way I like. I leave it to my voice without trying to frame it in a specific style. Definitions just 'shatter' on me."

'Shattered' is an open declaration  to endless possibilities of interpretation:  the intimacy of 'I'm in Love', the funk of Brazilian "Pensamento Feliz", the acoustic tribute to Bowie's "Life on Mars", born out of a live set at LA7 TV show right after Bowie's passing, the free almost psychedelic improvisation of "Don't Know", the swing of "Oppure no" and "Non ci Giurerei," the modern jazz of title track "Shattered".
 This mix of various musical genres, like a collage, allows us to change the texture of a song and the perception we have of it, even if different from its origin: it is therefore possible to dress a pop song with avant-garde, fusing acoustic, analog and digital sounds, mixing up tradition and innovation.This and more is Shattered/Sgretolata.

Recorded between Rome and NYC, the album features many guests:
Claudio "Greg" Gregori (acclaimed Italian actor) lyricist and guest singer on "Oppure No", drummer Mauricio Zottarelli and bassist Itaiguara Brandao from New York City, Francesco Diodati one of the most talented Italian jazz guitarists and three pillars of Italian jazz saxophone as such as Max Ionata, Alfonso Deidda and Cristiano Arcelli.

A prolific collaboration with Andrea Sammartino lives in this album through all the composition and arrangements, made unique by solid rhythm sections of Francesco Puglisi and Alessandro Paternesi( bass and Drums) on most tracks and Daniele Mencarelli and Francesco Ciniglio( bass and drums on "Don't know" and "Look Back").
Worth mentioning the contribution of  NYC visual artist Jennie Booth who wrote the lyrics for one of the selected singles "I'm in love" and Piji Siciliani, rising star of the Italian Swing scene, with the lyric to Non ci giurerei.

1)"Shattered" 2)"Oppure no" 3)"Don't know" 4)"I'm in love" 5)"Non ci giurerei" 6)"Life on Mars" 7)"Look back" 8)"Pensamento feliz" 9)"Less is more".

Claudio "Greg" Gregori – voice & lyrics on "Oppure no"
Francesco Diodati – guitar
Max Ionata – tenor sax
Alfonso Deidda – soprano sax
Cristiano Arcelli – alto sax, arrangements
Itaiguara Brandao – electric bass
Mauricio Zottarelli – drums
Pierluigi "Piji" Siciliani, Jennie Booth: lyrics on "Non ci Giurerei", "I'm in love"

Greta Panettieri – voice, compositions, arrangements, lyrics
Andrea Sammartino – compositions, arrangements, piano, organ, computer programming
Alessandro Paternesi – drums
Francesco Puglisi – doublebass
Daniele Mencarelli – electric bass
Francesco Ciniglio – drums
Francesco Fratini – trumpet
Alessio Bernardi – tenor & bariton sax
Federico Proietti – trombone


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