From New York to Rome, from major festivals and clubs to Italian television. Considered one of the most beautiful voices of the Italian and international scene: Greta Panettieri, artistically raised in New York, is a musician from the volcanic personality who is getting crescent attention by audiences and critics in Italy and abroad. Not only singer and composer but also multi-instrumentalist - playing the violin as a kid, also plays guitar and piano - author of her own songs and lyricist for her colleagues (Gege 'Telesforo, Áine and more). The JAZZIT AWARD 2015 consecrated her as one of the best Italian jazz singers and LA7 channel calls her for more than twenty episodes as a regular guest on the morning show "L'aria che tiara".
Currently on tour with the new, multifaceted album "Shattered-Sgretolata".
In 2014 and 2015 won the favor of press with her latest soul jazz album "Under Control" and her acclaimed "Non gioco piu'" (Italian ' 60 in Jazz), album that reinterprets the Italian hits of the sixties sung by Mina, with a completely new and original style; over all the most virtuous Italian song "Brava" rendered as a sublime duet with famous trumpeter Fabrizio Bosso.

"Non gioco più" beloved by the Italian radio shows, immediately recorded sold outs in several Italian theaters and clubs, also distributed in Japan by Albore Jazz and Tower Records.
 "Under Control" is an autobiographical album that describes the transition from a major company to a more creative and independent dimension; Greta has indeed released her debut album with NYC Major Label Decca/UMG in 2010 and has therefore moved back to be an independent artist to be free to write and produce her own music in an more authentic way.Under Control was produced by Andrea Sammartino and the great Larry Williams, accomplished producer/saxophonist/arranger for Al Jarreau, Michael Jackson ("Thriller", "Off the Wall" and "Bad"), John Mayer, Quincy Jones and more."
Viaggio in Jazz" is the title for the autobiographic Graphic Novel, published December 2014 by Corsare Publishing, inspired by Greta's adventurous artistic rise during the years she lived in New York City and how she got signed with Universal: a comic book that traces the beginning of her career with the discovery of her innate vocal talent, until she moved back to Italy marking the beginning of a new professional stage. Showcased in Rome (at the "Più Libri Più Liberi" book fair Convention Centre) at the book store "Feltrinelli Via Appia" and other Italian cities, the book will than be featured on the international Jazz Gallery exhibition put together by Roma Jazz Festival, at Medimex Bari.
In July 2015 was released a new single "C'est Irreparable", the original version of "Un anno d'amore" written by Italo-French author Nino Ferrer a French classic sung by Dalida,an iconic figure very similar to what Mina represented for Italy.
Greta Panettieri sings it in the original language, French, which reveals new meanings compared to the Italian version contained in"Non Gioco più".
 Greta says: "Singing "C'est Irreparable"in another language has completely transformed the song, the feelings and therefore my interpretation: as for the other languages I often sing in, recording or while on tour (English, Brazilian, Spanish) I feel the strong influence of those accents on the timbre of my voice, a language brings along to my interpretation the history and features of its people.
The single was presented live at the Blue Note Milan July 5th and came out along a video clip Greta has written and interpreted with author and actor Massimo Salari.




GRETA PANETTIERI "Collection" - GBM 2020 -

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GRETA PANETTIERI "Shattered/Sgretolata" - GBM 2016 -

GRETA PANETTIERI "C'est Irreparable" - GBM 2015 -

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GRETA'S BAKERY "Under Control" - GBM 2013 -

GRETA PANETTIERI "Brazilian Nights"- GBM 2011 -

PATRICIA ROMANIA "Sou Brazileira" - Pony Canyon 2010 -

GRETA’S BAKERY "The edge of everything" - Decca/UMG 2010 -

NEWSJOINT "Bossa & Co" - Twilightmusic 2006 -

TAX FREE "Core" - 11-8 Records 2004 -

TAX FREE "I contrary" - BZ records 2003


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