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Singer songwriter Greta Panettieri new single "C'est irreparable" is coming out July 3rd accompanied by related video. The story of an irremediably finished relationship becomes a noir glamourous surrealist video clip produced by Greta's Bakery Music. Filmed in Rome the clip has been written by Greta and director Massimo Salari, eclectic and creative artist who for some months has been curating Greta's image. 
The new single will be introduced live at Radio 2Social Club on July 3rd and at the Blue Note Milan on Sunday July 5th, that will also be Greta's first time performing at the famous Jazz Club.

An international talent with outstanding vocal qualities, after many years living in New York City, Greta wanted to devote her full attention to her roots and to the Italian song book with a dedicated full album "Non gioco più" (Italian '60s in Jazz). Inspired by the above mentioned project, sold out in clubs, festivals, Italian  and abroad theaters, winning both critics and audiences concent, Greta goes back to the original version of "Un anno d'amore" (A Year of Love) written by French-Italian singer Nino Ferrer entitled "C'est irreparable" made famous by Dalida, a charming french singer in many ways similar to the character of Mina. Greta Panettieri interprets the song in the original language, French, which reveals new meanings compared to the Italian version contained in the album "Non gioco più " (Play no more).

"Singing "Un anno d'amore" (One year of love) in French has completely transformed the song, different feelings and vibes are declared and therefore my interpretation has completely changed: weather on tour or recording I often sing is different languages (English, Brazilian, Spanish, Italinan) and it's very interesting to notice how the chosen language has a strong influence on the timbre of my voice, the sound emission,  on my gestures and over all on the whole rendition of the song. The research I've done on this song made me focus on a parallel reality between Italy and France of the 60ies, Dalida with her elegance and charisma was to France what Mina was to Italy, inspiring a whole generation of authors and performers.



C'est Irreparable Official Video